Experiential Classes

Experiential classes are tailored to fit a group’s needs and abilities.  Classes can include communication skills for specific interactions at school or to send home with students for their families, or for personal safety with strangers.  Many schools choose to also include physical self-defense practice.  The benefits of this are obvious when it comes to preventing physical and sexual assault, but it has also been shown that participants who learn how to defend themselves physically have a much easier time communicating strong, clear boundaries with  confidence in their voices.  For more information about Experiential Classes, visit our How Experiential Works page.

Experiential classes range in length from 2-20 hours.  Experiential classes serve 1-16 participants.  They may take place at IMPACT’s studio in Santa Fe or on site at your school.  Classes can be single-gender or mixed-gender.  Sometimes groups are formed based on age-affinity (i.e. per grade or teachers), per level of ability (i.e. wheelchair users or those with developmental disabilities), or – more often – a group with similar interests (student leadership, new teachers, therapeutic group.)

See the Class Packages page for pairing of seminars and specific experiential classes that IMPACT has developed for different groups at schools.